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Standards of Conduct/Discipline

February 3, 2017

WARNING: A complaint was filed regarding postings on social media that were critical of a judge's call in an open trial. While the post did not identify the judge or handler, the proximity of the post to the trial and the details made it easy to identify the judge. While the USBCHA has and will sanction members for comments on social media, it does so only in egregious circumstances. The USBCHA cannot be put in the position of reviewing social media posts that inferentially criticize a judge's decision or a handlers run. In this case, the Board of Directors did find that the post evidence very poor judgment but did not rise to the level of unsportsmanlike conduct warranting formal discipline. The Board, however, encourage members to use their judgment when posting on social media and cautions against critical comments about judges and other members.


WARNING: A complaint was filed against a judge alleging that the judge improperly criticized a handler just prior to the handlers' open run, and did so in an angry and argumentative tone. The criticism was a result of questions raised at the handlers' meeting. The Board of Directors did not find that the conduct in this particular situation merited discipline. Nonetheless, the Board concluded that the judge's conduct was inappropriate and cautions judges that the rules prohibit a judge from intimidating or attempting to intimidate a handler. Judges are reminded that the rules require judges to "conduct themselves in a manner fitting and proper to one afforded the honor of officiating a USBCHA approved or sponsored trial."

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