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The USBCHA is pleased to offer its members discounts and special offers available only to USBCHA members. Below you will find the benefits currently available. To access these benefits you will need to register, a quick and easy process. Once registered, simply login to take advantage of all offerings currently available.

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Paw Print Genetics

Paw Print Genetics is pleased to be the United States Border Collie Handlers' Association's (USBCHA) preferred provider of genetic services.

The USBCHA is concerned about the health of your dogs and has partnered with Paw Print Genetics to provide a members only discount for testing for the genetic diseases that occur in your breed and that should be considered before breeding, buying or training your dog. We offer individual disease testing and a comprehensive test panel for the Border Collie. You can order one or more gene tests for your dog, or order the entire panel. For all orders that enter the Members Only Discount Code Login and go to the Paw Print Genetics section to get the discount checkout, you will receive your discount. Each disease name is a link that will take you to more information about the clinical features and inheritance of each disease. In addition, we offer over 140 different inherited disease tests in over 200 breeds of dogs. You can search any breed on the Paw Print Genetics website and apply your members only discount to your order.

In addition to inherited disease testing, we offer Paw Print Pedigrees. Paw Print Pedigrees is a place for customers to display their kennels and show off their dogs. It can also be used to find like-minded breeders who care about the genetic health of their dogs.

Please contact Paw Print Genetics toll free at 1-855-202-4889 if you have any questions about inherited disease testing, how to place an order or how to interpret your results. We can even take your order over the phone. Genetic counseling is available to you at no charge Monday – Friday 8am -5pm pst to assist you in making an informed decision about genetic testing and selecting the right tests for your dog or for helping you interpret your results once testing is completed. We look forward to working with you!

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